Stud Welding:


We are experts in the field of welding Studs. In fact we have several diesel stud welding rigs which we rent out daily. We also sell the studs. Try finding anyone in town that even has one. On the beautiful Clark Suspension bridge going into Alton Illinois and highlighted on PBS "The Building of the Clark Bridge", Studwelder Packagethe contractor who did the Missouri approach as well as the contractor who did the Illinois approach as well as the contractor doing the bridge span over the middle picked Rod's Service over all other competition to supply the welding electrode, and the welding and cutting gases. In fact we supplied the equipment to weld the studs to the bridge beams. We also supplied the Forty Thousand studs it took. I will never forget seeing the flood of 93 from my vantage point on top of the bridge deck. So if you want expert experienced advice on Stud Welding or Stud Welding Equipment please give us a call.

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Often called the "Super Bridge," the Clark Bridge links Highways 367 and 67 in Missouri to Alton, Illinois. It replaced the old Clark Bridge that served the area from 1928 to 1994. Design work on the new cable-stayed bridge was started in 1985, and construction began in 1990. The bridge, which has four traffic lanes and two bike lanes, spans 4,260 feet across the Mississippi River. It is made of 8,100 tons of structural steel, 44,100 cubic yards of concrete and more than 160 miles of cable wrapped with four acres of yellow plastic piping. Pilings that support the bridge were driven more than 140 feet below bedrock. Design criteria based on wind testing and geological studies make the bridge earthquake resistant. Total cost of the bridge was 118 million dollars, including the demolition of the old bridge. In the Panoramic picture you can see the old bridge the Clark bridge replaced, it was demolished shortly after this photograph.

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