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Unlike most of our competition who sells stud welding equipment, we actually repair all the major stud welding manufacturers equipment and we actually use stud welding equipment on our rentals and rental diesel rigs.  We have been repairing and renting this equipment since 1976 and have become unmatched experts in the field of stud welding.  This gives us an insight to answer questions to potential customers such as yourself that is based on fact and not hearsay as to how the equipment performs and how it compares as it pertains to the different manufacturers and models.  
If you are looking for a stud welding system make sure you use our years of experience to get the best system with the most economical price.  
Also if you need to pair up a power source to a diesel generator don't fret as we are also direct distributors of several leading generator manufacturers and have the knowledge and know how to do this easily.  Including knowledge of building custom built trailers that allow having the stud welding power source, generator, cables and all accessories on one trailer which can be transported to your jobs with ease. These units have secure custom locking systems to put your mind at ease when these units sit on job sites or hotel parking lots during pickups and deliveries.  Once again based on our actual usage of the units in our rental fleet we have come up with ingenious designs that are unmatched in the industry, and will save you time and money as well as frustration.  i can guarantee you if you are planning on buying a diesel stud welding rig you would be doing yourself a downright disservice by not talking to us first.   For example lets say you would like a diesel stud welder but see a need for a generator at least half of the time.  We have developed a mounting system which allows you to pull the stud welder off in seconds and allows you to use the generator as a generator when not using it for shooting studs.  Yeah maybe you think no big deal but this is only one of many ideas that we do not want to advertise just to have a competitor copy from us.  So whether you are looking for a small 120 volt hand held capacitor discharge model or looking for a 6000 amp power source complete with cabling, spare gun or even paired to a generator, you can take advantage of our extensive knowledge and our expertise.   Whereby we will not only instruct you how to weld your studs in the most efficient way we will also guide you to purchase the best equipment at the best price.  

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