Repair & Service

If you know anything about Rod's Service you would know that we are considered by many to be the premier service and repair facility in St. Louis. With trained technicians who service and repair, Generators, Pumps, Compressors, Light Towers as well as all Welding Equipment and all major brands including automatic equipment, cutting tables, oxy fuel, plasma, high definition plasma, lasers, and robots, you would be hard pressed to find any other company that could get you out of a jam as quickly and conveniently. In fact where others in this business started selling product first and then created repair departments to assist selling or never had and still don't have repair departments, Rod's Service during the first 7 years of existence only sold service and repair. Knowing that we not only survived but thrived only on service and repair, who do you think would provide you the best service when it comes to your needs? With Factory trained technicians for the major brands we sell as well as training on most major competitive brands and a combined experience of over 50 years for just three of our technicians you know you will get answers instead of dumb stares. When you need to get going in your shop, in the field or just for a repair sent in it is obvious Rod's Service would be the logical choice.

With four choices of service:

  • Rod's Service shop repair (first in first out),
  • Next available field call,
  • Immediate,
  • Immediate after hours & weekends
You can pick and choose what time frame and labor rate you need.

Our service department has always been recognized as a leader in St. Louis and has been one of the main sources of our growth. Once people see how dedicated, knowledgeable, and eager we are to serve in difficult situations, they want to buy from us to reward us for our efforts.

Why would you buy product from a supplier who doesn't support it or doesn't have the expertise to support it?

We welcome all of you to take a chance and try us on cylinder gas, welding or construction supplies, or rental equipment or service and repair. We will be competitive on price and excel on service.

Serving you from three locations:

In St. Louis, MO.
1413 Pennsylvania Ave.
314-721-6001 fax
5920 St. Louis Ave.

In Wood River, IL.
427 North Old St. Louis Rd.
618 251-5774 fax

Give us a call!

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