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The logical choice for rental welding or construction equipment is Rod's Service Inc. We believe we have the most varied and complete rental fleet in the Midwest when it comes to welding equipment. Our customers must agree because we have a rich history and have been the primary supplier of welding rental equipment on some pretty large notable jobs. Part of that history is when our rental equipment was used to weld the pieces which made the 11 story high structures we know today as the space shuttle launching pads. Not only did we have security clearance to Cape Canaveral we would get paid to go there and trouble shoot problems with this automatic equipment. Click Here! Let me tell you it was a beautiful view standing on top of a eleven story structure that most could only imagine. With the ocean on one side and the Saturn Five warehouse as a back drop on the other side. Sounds pretty unbelievable but we have the pictures to prove it.

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Or how about when we were chosen as the primary rental welding equipment supplier for the Lock and Dam 26 project by the dewatering contractor. Yes the contractor who installed the 12 pumping stations and installed all the miles of pipe picked Rod's Service over all others for their welding supplies and rental welding equipment. At the time this was the largest water project in the nation and took over eleven years to complete. Imagine being in a pit sixty feet down in the middle of the river, water around all sides knowing it was electrode you had supplied and your diesel rental welders which welded all the miles of 24-48" pipe which led to the 12 pumping stations which kept the place dry.

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(old lock on left, new lock on right)



Reprinted from Concrete Products, January, 1993

Melvin Price Lock and Dam 26 nearing completion on the Mississippi River north of St. Louis is a gigantic construction project requiring 800,000 yds. of concrete

by Bill Blaha

Stage III, the final work phase of Lock and Dam 26, involves the construction of one and a half gatebays and an auxiliary lock. When the entire project is finished next year, it will be the largest facility of kind on the Mississippi River.

Some time this June, the final yard of concrete will be poured for one of the largest and most complex projects ever built for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Melvin Price Locks and Dam 26. The $950 million megastructure is located on the Mississippi River just north of St. Louis. Mo. at Alton 111. It replaces a 50-year-old Lock and Dam 26 facility a few miles upstream and is designed to remove barge traffic bottlenecks along that stretch of the nation's largest inland waterway system.

Originally built to handle about 46 million tons of river traffic a year, L&D 26 must now deal with some 70 million tons of commercial traffic annually.

The old L&D 26, which is now being demolished, was unable to handle this increased shipping demand satisfactorily. It had two locks both 110 ft. wide. The main lock was 600 ft. long, and the auxiliary lock was 360 ft. long. Because of their small size, barge tows had to be doublelocked; that is, be separated and locked into sections and then reassembled. This caused an average delay time of 17 hours.

The new and much larger L&D 26 corrects that problem. It consists of two locks, one 110 ft. by 1,200 ft. and the other 110 ft. by 600 ft. The locks are separated by two of the low-level dam's nine spillway gates to allow simultaneous two-way navigation. Moreover, the larger lock, which already is in operation, permits 15 jumbo barges and a towboat to lock through, with a maximum lift of 24 ft.

It should be obvious to all that Rod's Service has the knowledge, experience, equipment and expertise to handle the largest and most difficult jobs in rentals or supplies. Don't forget we also rent Small Pumps, Light Towers, Generators, and Compressors and all the accessories.

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Rod's Service Truck delivering a rental
Commander 500 to a refinery job.

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