Rental Policies:

If you’re looking to rent stud welding equipment you have come to the right place.  We have several complete mobile diesel stud welding rigs set up and ready to go at a moment’s notice.  When we say complete we mean it.  Units include everything you need.  Cabling, stud guns, Power Source, Generator and spare accessories so when we get to your job as soon as your men can string out the cables you are ready to shoot studs.  We also have stand alone units that you run off wall power and those units also are complete packages including everything you need that allows you to attach our power source to your power and have your men up and running within a few minutes.

We deliver all over the Midwest or even further at our customer’s wishes.  When one of our units comes to your job you’re not left out in the cold to fend for yourself. We always send one of our highly trained technicians who at no extra charge will educate your men on how to properly set up the unit.  He will also go over with your men possible future problems and how to correct them.  We will not leave your jobsite until your men are comfortable with how the unit is performing and your men are well versed in how to change settings on the power source and dial in for the best performance. 

Some of our customers request that our technicians stay past the point of getting the machine running correctly and educating the men.  If it should be your desire as well we will stay but please be aware that you will be charged the hourly rate for stud welding service call.  There will not be any gray area. This charge would only be after you are 100% comfortable that the machine is performing correctly and your men are educated on how to use it properly.   In some instances if you know it is only going to take a day or less to shoot your quantity of studs even with the service call time it might be cheaper to have our technician stay than to have us come back to pick up the unit.  If this is the case this will be pointed out to you during the quotation process.  

If you have to move one of our units for any reason you can Click Here to see what equipment you would need to safely tow our trailers.  

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