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If you didn't know it we have a division of the company which specializes in selling Helium and Balloons especially to Auto Dealerships and Used Car Lots. Now some of our competition sells Helium and some may even sell Balloons, but unlike our competition we actually are a direct distributor for Helium and several Balloon manufacturers. There are no middlemen causing product delays and there are no middlemen inflating prices. Unlike some of our competition that specialize in the Balloon Business we have our own bulk system and fill and own all of our cylinders. We don't have to rely on a 3rd party for our Helium. Not only does this get you Helium exactly when you need it without delays it keeps your price down and consistent. We are not at the mercy of a third party inflating Helium prices.

For Advertising and Car Lot Accessories We Distribute and Stock Nabco
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Being a Full Line Gas Distributor as well as a Helium and Balloon Supplier also has benefits. First benefit would be we have 291 cubic foot Helium cylinders. Almost all of the competition specializing in Helium and Balloons only have the 219 cubic foot or the 244 cubic foot cylinders. What does this mean to you? Well if you start buying your Helium from Rod's Service it means you wont run out of Helium as often. You won't have the hassle of changing the tanks out as often. It also means you won't have to keep more cylinders on hand for the same amount of product. It also means you could save on your monthly rental bill because you won't need as many cylinders. You probably will save on your Helium as well, as in all purchasing the higher the volume the lower the cost. Second Benefit would be you could use one supplier for all your needs. Not only can we service your Helium and Balloon and Car Lot needs we can supply you with Oxygen and Acetylene and Argon Co2 Mig gas for your service departments and body shops. We can also supply you with your welding supplies such as tips, mig wire etc.

As we stated we specialize in Helium and Balloon Sales so we are very knowledgeable about this business. Try calling a typical welding supplier and ask questions about different size Balloons or how much Helium is needed for a certain quantity of Balloons and see how many dumb responses you will get. With a full line of Balloons starting at 7" and going up to 6' in stock (larger available on an order in basis) it would be hard to beat Rod's Service as your Helium and Balloon Supplier. As an added value we also have Balloon Accessories such as regulators, ribbons, twist clips, string, etc. We also have a full line of Car Lot Supplies such as flags, pole drapes, custom banners, pennants, streamers, window markers and pricing decals etc. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to teach your supplier what you need.

Come to the expert Rod's Service, a company who specializes in this service.

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