About Us...

"Our Fearless Leader"

Rod Lucas working after school and on the weekends against all odds built a multi-million dollar company from scratch without any formal training, without any financial backing and without any formal education or degree. 

In fact Rod did not even hire his first outside salesman until 21 years after being incorporated back in 1976. Rod's philosophy of serving at any time of the day, no job being too hard or too little and going that extra mile for customers has proved that in this world of do as little as possible and pass the buck anytime you can that customers not only appreciate a good effort they will strive to find someone to provide exceptional service. Without any outside sales people for 21 years the company continued to flourish basically from word of mouth from customers. The company is still flourishing, with 3 locations and more to come, over 10 vehicles, Company self owned cylinders, a state of the art multi million dollar filling facility where Liquid gases are bought in bulk and then liquid is filled into cryogenic cylinders, or bulk liquid is converted to vapor and then pressure pumped into high pressure cylinders. 

Find out why so many people who were tired of being treated like an account # on a computer screen turned to the St. Louis born native to supply their welding and gas needs. If you are calling 800#s for your account information or to place orders or waiting on endless hold only to get someone who is lacking in knowledge about our industry or waiting on ups shipments for delivery it is obvious St. Louis headquartered Rod's Service would be a wiser choice.

If you are tired of the consistent change our competition has put you through, come experience our company which has the same management, same ideals, same goals, same philosophy it had when it was incorporated in 1976. 

Thank you for your consideration!

~~ Rod


Serving you from three locations:

In St. Louis, MO.

1413 Pennsylvania Ave & 5920 St. Louis Ave
314-721-6001 fax

In Wood River, IL.

427 North Old St. Louis Rd.
618 251-5774 fax

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